Hunting for you

•March 19, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Today, I see blue sky coming through fluffly clouds. Like the true nature of something, seeping through.

I wonder what you’re like with your family and friends. How they think you’re a normal guy, they know what to expect. You pay the bills, have a job, maybe even a lover who you shares your home.

Sometimes when I’m getting ready to go out, I love the smell of my leather jacket, as I pull it over my arms, shoulders. I feel wrapped in something safe, and alive, at some point.

There’s a warmth in the darkness. The pleasure of bringing something forbidden to the light. Sharing it with someone who does not judge.

What is it that excites me about your vulnerability? When you wince in a little pain, or moan in ache, wanting, more…

I feel like prowling around a little bit today, and your naked flesh with my calm palm…. sounds enticing.

I’m yours today. At this moment, if you’re quick –

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Blushing skin

•September 2, 2013 • Leave a Comment

I’m a little sunburned today. Was laying on the grass in My backyard, soaking up the sun. The neighbor’s cat came by for a purr and a stroke, and she laid her back on mine, making a little lean-two between us. Just a few minutes of bliss.

This holiday weekend, a lot of us are not laboring. And the seasons change. I miss the longer summer nights, as they get skimpier into the fall.  The long walks in our beautiful Pacific Northwest. So many forests, mountains, an ocean, a waterfall.  Magic can happen in these natural places. Especially when you’ve brought company.

Grooving on some retro rock, thinking about a shower, a little black dress, and  dancing tonight. What will tonight bring to you, little one?

A little dark humor, for the new summer days…

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Mistress is sometimes a bit dark 🙂

For anyone who’s found those minivan stickers on the back of the window a bit much…


back window stickers

Dark moaning

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Well fruity fillies and brave boys, how goes the season?
I may be changing my blog updates to more like once a quarter, from making it a monthly focus. I’m still checking out the response I get with the blog, and if boys like my little vignettes here.
Had a phone call from an unusual boy today, and it was rather a pleasant thing. This fellow enjoyed watching a woman crush things under her fine feline feet. He, on the floor, watching the show, looking up at her long powerful legs. She, towering over the ant of a man, who finds deep satisfaction at crunching and squashing things under her control. 
That would of course, include him!
Meeting a few friends tomorrow for card games and general silliness, might have to share a few dark yarns (oh but these friends are vanilla and unaware of My dark side).  I hint at things many times, without coming right out and … well you understand.
I have new tales to share of strange fascinations…

Scaring you

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“Last night you were… unhinged.  You were like some desperate howling demon.  You frightened me.

Do it again.”

– Morticia Addams 

I’ve been thinking through a few scenes lately, and have been reading an inspiring book, “The Mistress Manual – The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance” by Mistress Lorelei. It’s inspiring Me to consider many thoughts, and wishing I had a few more toys in the toy chest. 

Good time to put an Amazon gift certificate at the tippy top of My wishlist. I have supplies to buy. A wooden hairbrush, bondage rope (hemp is best), and My most prized desire, a strapon harness built into a pair of spandex panties or shorts. I have one in mind, alas unavailable on Amazon. Perhaps we could shop for just the right fit… 

Eaten whole

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Hello dirty ones, and welcome to My little cave. I have a few men circling right now, and am considering  options. One is wealthy, yet talks a mile a minute, and has slight A.D.D. … the other a simple farmer type, vegan, hippy type that would love to be My house slave… 

Oh but let’s get onto other things.

I’ve been seriously thinking of buying a strap on sex harness. My urge has been so strong lately, that need for firmness and strength… I’ve searched Amazon a bit to find a few options. Just thinking of something so personal, to be purchased by the likes of you, to be used very personally by the likes of Me… 

It feels delicious.

Nibbling on popcorn, wondering who’s next on My list, to be eaten whole…

Mercy for such a man

•February 13, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Watching a new version of Brideshead Revisited on BBC America today. Somehow those brits bring you into their story. The manors, castles, Dames and Knights…. Who wouldn’t want to watch that kind of thing unfold..

I’ve been thinking on Henry VIII of late. The Tudors tele show adds fuel to the fire, although in My opinion, the series lost its spunk once Anne Boleyn was no more. Actress Natalie Dormer, and her chemistry with actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry… let’s just say the two blistered off the screen HOT!

The Tudors series kind of fumbles now, pretty with a few familiar folks, yet a bit of giving up the ghost. Or maybe that’s Catherine Howard’s ghost running down the halls…

People of power can be intriguing. I’ve read books on Cleopatra, Ceasar, Elizabeth, the many queens of Henry VIII… I love reading about women who rise to power and survive treacherous terrain with the intrigues of court.  Elizabeth certainly. Her rise to power was treacherous indeed, yet she conquered and OWNED that office until her last breath, long down the road.

Perhaps I’ll meet a boy today on the phone, who wants to be owned and conquered. I might conjure a fantasy about a poor man, guilty of intrigues against him, thrown at My mercy, begging for his life. If he were pretty, or wealthy enough, he might be of use. Unless there’s a skill he has yet to show Me…