Maid Metered

I was running errands today in the very dreary pouring rain (yeah, this time of year can be one big wet clusterfuck). And bless it, had to pay a parking ticket before the magical 10 days transpired, else get a mondo jacked, much more expensive parking ticket. I received said ticket while volunteering with a friend from my church (yes, I actually go to one) who needed editing help with an application. She’s out of work and needed a few hours editing. Glad to give it.

But I digress…

I looked at this meter maid doing her job in the pouring rain, in a little scooter car with 3 wheels. Said to Myself, under My breath, now THAT is a job I just couldn’t stand. All the confrontation, people bitching at you, no power. Takes a special breed of person to do such a thing.

Then paused for a moment, and considered My vocation (pro Domme). Savored the irony, and drove on My way.

Just a little afterthought for you to chew on!


~ by msmakenna on December 2, 2010.

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