Dream doll

Just watched “Lars and the Real Girl” this week. Interesting to see the shared illusion of the entire town, as they support the main male character’s delusion. Lars orders a silicon “Real Doll” (www.realdoll.com), and thinks that she’s real. He takes her to church, family dinners, sings to her in the forest….  What makes the movie work, is the affection and gentle acceptance shown to this troubled man.

This leans Me towards pondering the nature of our relationship, sliding down phone lines and mingling on each side. The comfort of your choice in when and where, the transaction of money changing hands, keeps our dance controlled. All we have to do is walk our way towards mutual satisfaction, click, and you’re onto your normal life.

Makes things hard to integrate, especially for the married boys.

I enjoy having a secret part of you, that takes you away from the norm, and into our shared time.


~ by msmakenna on December 30, 2010.

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