Dark moaning

Well fruity fillies and brave boys, how goes the season?
I may be changing my blog updates to more like once a quarter, from making it a monthly focus. I’m still checking out the response I get with the blog, and if boys like my little vignettes here.
Had a phone call from an unusual boy today, and it was rather a pleasant thing. This fellow enjoyed watching a woman crush things under her fine feline feet. He, on the floor, watching the show, looking up at her long powerful legs. She, towering over the ant of a man, who finds deep satisfaction at crunching and squashing things under her control. 
That would of course, include him!
Meeting a few friends tomorrow for card games and general silliness, might have to share a few dark yarns (oh but these friends are vanilla and unaware of My dark side).  I hint at things many times, without coming right out and … well you understand.
I have new tales to share of strange fascinations…

~ by msmakenna on October 14, 2012.

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