Perversion invited into the fold

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I’m feeling frisky this morning, and thought you should know… Winter Solstice arrives, shortest day of the year, and the days get longer and warmer from here on out! I know a few boys who like longer, Oh my…

Makenna is excited about “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” *finally* being in the movie theaters. To clarify, the US version with Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer and newcomer Rooney Mara as mythic Lisbeth Salander. I devoured the book trilogy, and have seen the first 2 of 3 Swedish movies, based on the tale. At 2 hours 40+ minutes, it best be done well, as it might otherwise slog through many hours of goddess knows what. Director David Fincher is getting praise for the product. His keen eye directed Fight Club, which was a stunning little thing. I anticipate the adventure of climbing on the ride of Salander soon.

Christmas was lovely. I anticipate a few of you did duty with the family, while slowly simmering in the quiet of night. Some of My strongest fantasies sprung forth in the quiet desperation, laying in bed, with a house of others, expecting proper things. Let’s do our best… to do the improper, yes? Well that which Mistress dictates to the likes of you. I best like a boy who asks after My needs, before mentioning his. Makes getting to the nub of his vulnerable bits that much juicier…


I give myself… total permission…

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When the hours grow short and the air grows cold, Mistress withdraws into her cocoon and tends to be still, thoughtful. And now, just after Thanksgiving and the like, Mistress is feeling the need to exercise. So much food! I think an extra workout this week is necessary…

I think of My slaves tonight, this Friday. The stars seem so easy to see in the chill of winter, and constellations that have gone for a bit, come back to play. I have a weakness for Orion. When I was a young lass, I used to hide in My back yard and look at the stars, say prayers, and think of Orion as My brother. I’d dream of the stars and planets dotted through his belt, and wonder what life was like, in these worlds.

Sometimes when I sit at a coffee shop, I’ll look at the many who dot the tables, and wonder what their worlds are like. We all have secrets and hidden places that others rarely see.

Bring Me a secret, something juicy and mild. Or perhaps something dark… twisted, and spicy! You’re up little man, bring it…

Berry Bite

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Sizing you upHello minions, and welcome to Fall! Get ready for the chill outside, and starting the heater up again, lighting fires and warmth within…

I decided to get a little yardwork done today, and pulled out My lined shiny nitrile gloves. I slid into them, and pull out the garden shears that clip long dying leaves. Irises overdue for a trim.

After an hour of gripping my fingers so tightly, pulling and pushing, a blister on my thumb came, and I took a rest in the back yard. I was captivated by wild flock of birds, overwhelming a berry tree. Cedar Waxwings, by the hundreds. The berries aren’t much for human fodder, yet they landed through the thorned branches, and filled their bellies. A bit like a small cardinal, with tan and yellow shades, and splashes of red. Big black eyes and sweet little calls.


 The day was so serene that when night called, and the darkness came, I felt the need for a different taste. Something sweet, with a bite.

 Come, help Me…

Spa without flaw

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Ah, I think summer is finally waning. It’s been a cool week, making for lovely outdoor excursions. I’m the kind of Grrl that would rather have a few layers on in the misty mountains, rather than manage what NOT to wear in 95 degree summer jaunts.

If I’m going to be scantily clad, I prefer to do it behind doors. Much of My lingerie just isn’t appropriate on a forest trail. Although I am open to the suggestions….. hahah

One of My fave slaves bought a Spafinder gift certificate for Me, and I luxuriated in a warm leg wax, and a fresh hair cut this week. Even got a few products on the gift cert. Thanks for the treat little man (you know who you are). Love thinking of all those lovely women sliding their fingers on My skin, while your wallet compensates for the experience…

With freshly waxed legs, I’ve been looking through the closet, deciding what to wear out dancing this weekend. I’ve got this black, low cut, clingy rayon dress that comes just to mid-thigh. Makes My ass look divine, and cleavage look like delicious. It’s been a year or more since I’ve worn garters and stockings out while dancing publicly, although tonight might be the night. I have a garter belt waist cincher that’s deep plum and black lace, 6 garters, with deep purple bows on the clips at the end. I look like sweet dessert when wrapped in the threads.

What’s your opinion…. With or without? *smile*

Training your submission

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One of My favorite tele shows, for many reasons, is Cesar Millan’s “Dog Whisperer.” Cesar’s philosophy on training beasts has to do with dominance and submission, and it makes a Mistress take note.

Leashes, muzzles, training men to submit, and claiming My dominance with confidence, is the goal. Cesar’s focus on listening for submissive cues, catching things before the explode, and owning the lead, are so very wise.

Creating structure for the trainee, giving cues that tell subs where their body needs to be, grabbing and forcing them to kneel or lay down so they know their place, when they are in the wrong.

I only train men though, we’ll leave the other beasts for Cesar.

You know where to come for submissive training, from a Mistress who looks better in garter belts than Mr. Millan –

Hard wood … floors

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I’ve been dreaming of hard wood floors and metal tipped heels. My current naked man, kneeling with lowered head, wrists tied snug, resting on the small of his back. And those hard wood floors, glistening with sheen.
There are simple ways to make a boy suffer. Kneeling boys can go on for a bit, although slide a thin cane under their knees? And the experience becomes decidedly diferent. You’ll be fine for a few moments, and then the pain creeps in…
Some of you get hard when being toyed with. Almost as if your mind is wired to respond to the opposite of what most boys like. Strange, isn’t it?
We may never know why I get off fucking with your mind, and why you tingle and twitch when we decide to let go. As long as we’re both enjoying the ride, I say ride it…
 Domination from Mistress Makenna  just a click away (click the LET’S TALK! PHONE with MS MAKENNA link on the right). Reach out and touch it, hold on –

How's that floor feeling on your knees?


The past may be too huge…

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I’ve discovered a new body scent with a hint of lavender, & it’s been rocking My world. I love My skin freshly showered and smelling delicious…

Hello curious ones.

We’re full into summer and I feel like a vampire of late. Seems My schedule is back to that of “creature of the night” (ooh yes, Mistress likes Frankenfurter! Just a jump to the left…). I always feel more motivated and awake when I’m sleeping nights and up during the day, although the wee hours are silent and ripe for contemplation.

Tonight a boy called Me who’d been smoking a bit of legal medicine, in his state (it was green and I’m sure very pleasant, from his state of mind). Over our two hours together, he shared some very private things. He was fixated on his girlfriend’s fascination with a past lover of hers. Apparently while her ex wasn’t all that mature or up for a full on relationship… she kept coming back to him over years and years because… well, he had an unusually wide, thick, long member.

And if his words be true, My caller himself wasn’t all that much of a slouch in that department. 7.5 inches, he said (of course, half of what boys tell Me on the phone, is suspect, and many times proven untrue). Yet, here he was above average and a very giving lover, and his girlfriend kept going back in her mind to that place where the man with the gargantuan cock kept fucking her…

Apparently it was so big, it made sex painful. Painful enough to keep coming again, and again… Do you ever wonder if your chickita has a lover she still aches for? Do you harbor any cuckold fantasies?

Dish, dear slavelette! If you’ve got the money honey…